Frequently asked questions

What sort of Bike should I use?

Some sort of mountain bike. Whatever you usually ride as long as you will be comfortable peddling the distance. If you have a choice of bikes, a nice medium travel full suss would be my choice.

Will it be hard?

Yes. How hard depends on how fit you are. Not making any assumptions about you but in case you dont do this kind of riding much, natural terrain is a lot different to trail centre. It can really take it out of you. It will be worth it though, its much more fun!

Cut off time?

There will be one. We will make sure this is clearly stated nearer the date. It may need to be changed on the day due to circumstances beyond our control. Its very unlikely and we would do everything we could to prevent it.

That isn't many questions.

When more get asked frequently, they will appear here.

Can I use an e-bike?

You sure can.

... but, Im doing Boltby Bash...

Good on ya. Me too! Spoil yourself.

Is Camping included in the price?

No. We have to pay the bands, the stage people, the portaloo people, the marquee people and raby estate for letting us have a party in their field.